Environmentally friendly choice:

Ecopulp packaging

Ecopulp designs, develops and produces 3D shaped moulded pulps for the needs of the environmentally conscious customers. The customer favored fibre based packages consume the environment as little as possible and are cost effective while offering the maximum protection. 

Produced from recycled and renewable wood fibre, the Ecopulp package is always extremely environmentally friendly since it's biodegradable and 100% recyclable. 

The attributes that convince

Customers, producers, packaging developers and procurement officers alike


The 100% recyclable fibre package saves both nature and money.


The fibre package is compostable and can be returned to environment for a reuse.


Made from recycled paper, our products are cost-effective and ready to use. 

Carbon handprint

A positive climate effect is made by using our company's climate friendly products.

Low recycling costs

The material-specific recycling costs are more affordable compared to e.g. plastic.

Neutral carbon footprint

Thanks to the recycled wood fibre, the raw material is completely carbon neutral.

Consumer popularity

The package fulfills the expectations of the environmentally conscious consumers and is easy to recycle.


Besides 3D formability, the product is e.g. water and grease resistant when needed.

Cost effective

The packages are stackable, ready to use and effective to storage.

Ecopulp products

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